YouTube: How to Make a Video

YouTube: How to Make a Video

YouTube is a phenomenal website, especially when it comes to making videos. If you are interested in making and sharing your own videos with the rest of the Internet, the YouTube is an exceptional place to do that. However, if you’re a beginner at making videos then the whole process may be a mystery to you. Sometimes making a video does prove to be a bit difficult, but it does not have to be, it can be relatively simple and fun. All you need is a little computer smarts and something to capture video and in no time, you will have a video on YouTube.

So naturally, the first thing you will need is a device that allows you to capture video. It used to be that only cameras and camcorders could be used to capture video, but with all of the growing technological advances, webcams and even cell phones can be used as well. A cell phone can be used if it boasts the ability to record video, most of the newer phones do offer this feature but if not, then a webcam, camera or camcorder must be used instead. The highest quality videos are captured by digital camcorders, which can sometimes be a bit expensive and it that is the case, then the cheaper webcam can be used instead.

After you have found a proper video recording device, you can use it to start making your own videos. There are many different categories and genres of videos on YouTube, some of the more popular ones including music videos, comedy routines, how-to videos and video blogs. Essentially, you can make a video about absolutely anything that you want, whether you get your friends together and film a pre-determined act or you’re driving down the road, witness a crash and film the aftermath. There is no limit to how many videos you can upload to YouTube but there is a time limit if you have a regular YouTube account, all videos must remain ten minutes or below. You always have the option of upgrading your account, which costs some money but will allow you to upload videos that are longer than ten minutes.

A key thing to remember when making a YouTube video, the quality of that video should be pretty good. You want the people watching your video to be able to understand what you or others in your video are saying, to ensure this you should speak with raised voices or even better, talk directly into the camera. The best time to make a video would definitely be during the day because good lighting is extremely important making a high quality video. If you are filming at night regardless of whether is outside or inside, you will want to be sure that you have exceptional lighting. The quality of your video will be affected if your video is hard to watch due to bad lighting.

You can always capture footage and upload it directly to YouTube but that could mean that your video is nothing compared to what it could be. Video editing software is a valuable asset when trying to make high quality videos for YouTube. With this software, you can review your footage and edit it before you post it to YouTube, if needed. Most new computers come with some type of video editing software already installed on it. If your computer does not have this software, there are many websites on the Internet that offer free editing programs, or you can opt to buy the latest in video editing software from any store that specializes in computers or media.

You do not have to edit your video before putting it on YouTube, but it would be a good idea to consider editing it to make that video as great as it possibly can be. If you already have video editing software already installed on your computer, then the decision to edit it should only be further amplified. You may end up finding things you want to change or even remove from your video, which is where the editing program will come into play. When you edit your videos, typically it will only further improve the quality of your video, which can lead to more positive feedback and even higher ratings on YouTube. A higher rating will earn your video increased exposure which means you get more views which could influence your decision to make more videos.

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