YouTube: The Advantages of Making Videos

YouTube: The Advantages of Making Videos

If you find enjoyment in watching all types of different videos online, if so then you should definitely check out the video-sharing website, YouTube. YouTube offers a massive amount of videos available for viewing by any Internet user and best of all, it is all completely free. While many people go to YouTube merely to watch videos, many people register a free account with YouTube and start uploading their own videos to the site. If you enjoy watching the videos, you should try making your own for others to watch as there are many advantages and benefits in doing so.

One of the reasons YouTube is so popular is because it allows its members to upload videos on just about anything. There are many different categories or genres present on the site that only broadens the perspective of what types of videos can be made and uploaded to YouTube. Blogs, how-to videos, comedy routines and music videos are some of the more popular types of videos being posted to YouTube every day. So whether you want to make a how-to video on how to perform a certain dance move or just film your friends acting a little less than normal, you can do that and more with YouTube.

While YouTube is accepting of almost any type of video, it would be best to use caution when posting videos to the site as there will always be online predators lurking about. So when making a video, you are going to want to be aware of what exactly you are putting on the YouTube for potentially thousands to see. Try to avoid putting a lot of personal information in your videos as it will be available for complete strangers to see and it could fall into the wrong hands. Another thing to keep in mind, YouTube is rumored to be working with law enforcement on a regular basis so it would be a good idea not to post anything illegal in your videos because you never know who is watching your videos.

Most people who use YouTube will agree, YouTube is easy to use all around, including uploading and sharing videos. Of course, to make a video you will need a device to capture video. The main devices used to capture video in general are cameras, camcorders and webcams. Cell phones are also becoming more and more popular when it comes to capturing footage as many new cell phones have the ability to capture video and some even have features that allow you to post in straight to YouTube. However, for higher ratings on YouTube you will want a higher-quality video, which means that video editing software will typically be used. Video editing software is used to edit and perfect the video footage that you previously captured to make it the best video it can possibly be. Most computers come with standard video editing software already installed.

So now you have captured the desired footage, uploaded it to your computer, and edited it into a perfect video, it is now time to get it on YouTube. One of the reasons YouTube is so popular is its ease of use, uploading the video from your computer to YouTube is going to be a relatively simple process. Whether you have had experience uploading videos before or have absolutely no experience, YouTube will make it easy for all who use it to upload and share videos. YouTube will help you do everything step-by-step, making the procedure easy and fun, ensuring that you keep using YouTube to upload your personal videos.

Once you have uploaded your video(s), they will be available for not only the entire YouTube community, which by itself is a huge number, but the massive amounts of people who visit YouTube as well. Anyone who has access to the Internet can watch videos on YouTube and could possibly see your video. Literally thousands of people, or even more could end up watching your video and YouTube members who watch it can leave your comments or even rate your video. Ratings and comments are important because it acts as feedback, a high rating will give your video an edge over other videos and positive comments can make you feel pretty good about yourself and the effort you put into your video which could influence your decision as to whether or not you make any more videos.

YouTube offers several benefits such as the ones mentioned above, and it is quite simple to take advantage of these benefits and have fun while doing so. There are a few disadvantages as well but as long as you are aware of what you are posting onto YouTube and do not post anything to personal or illegal then you should enjoy a beneficial experience with YouTube and continue to make more videos.

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