YouTube: The Benefits of Registering

YouTube: The Benefits of Registering

YouTube is quickly becoming the fastest growing video-related website. If you have never been to YouTube, then go check it out because you will probably find that YouTube is extremely entertaining, amusing and a wonderful way to occupy some time. YouTube is a free video-sharing website that allows Internet users who are registered with the site to upload personal videos and share them with the literally millions of viewers on the site.

You do not have to create an account with YouTube to watch all of videos present on the website, but it is strongly recommended that you do. Registering an account with YouTube will make you a YouTube member, which means you get a lot more benefits than if you were just a visitor to the site.

Registering a new account with YouTube is a pretty simple process, just go to and find the link that allows you to register and click it, they will want to know a little basic information about you such as your first and last name, your country of residence as well as the zip code, date of birth and gender. After you have entered in the required information, you will be directed to choose a custom username and password, it is important to remember your username and password because that is how you will log into your YouTube account. Completing everything mentioned above will only take two to three minutes to complete and then you will have your very own YouTube account.

Now that you have your new YouTube account, you can start enjoying all of the numerous perks and benefits offered to YouTube members. Now you can watch all the videos that you want but you now get to rate the videos, one star for a video you find poorly constructed or five stars for an excellent video all around, you also get to leave comments on the video as well. Everyone can watch videos whether you are a member or a visitor, but only members can rate the videos as well as leave comments. Rating the videos on YouTube will give other viewers a perspective as to which videos are worth watching which helps YouTube feature more high-quality videos which is beneficial not only for you, but for the owner of the video who receives high ratings for their video(s).

Being able to rate videos and comment them, you can also upload your own videos when you register a new account with YouTube. After you have uploaded your video(s), you can share them with a vast number of viewers who actively participate on YouTube. Visitors to YouTube who do not have an account cannot upload their own videos or share them with other Internet users. Most people find that making videos can be a fun and rewarding experience, so you should definitely consider making joining the large YouTube community making and sharing videos online. There are numerous types of videos being uploaded onto YouTube such as comedy, sports, how-to and many other categories. Making a video is relatively simple; all you need is a camera, camcorder, cell phone, webcam or any other device capable of capturing video. Once you have the video recorded, all you need is a editing software which is typically already loaded onto your computer, edit the footage however you like and then upload it to YouTube.

If you love computers, the Internet and entertainment associated with the two, then YouTube is definitely something to become a part of. Remember that creating an account is fast, easy and best of all, free. You will be glad that you became a member of the fastest growing video-sharing community.

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