YouTube: The Disadvantages of Making Your Own Videos

YouTube: The Disadvantages of Making Your Own Videos

You just registered a new account with the most popular video-sharing site, YouTube and now you are considering making a few videos to upload to the site. There is a massive amount of YouTube members creating and uploading videos every day, sometimes multiple times a day. While making and sharing videos can be a fun way to spend your time, a few disadvantages do exist and could potentially have a negative effect on you and/or your video.

There are many different downfalls to uploading a video onto YouTube, the biggest one being that you will never know who is actually watching your video. Many people who register for YouTube think that only other YouTube members (which is still a huge number of people) can view their videos, but that would be wrong because absolutely anyone who visits YouTube can view any video on the site, whether they are members or not. Your video could potentially be watched by thousands of people, or more. If you are comfortable with your video being seen by thousands of unknown people then by all means, go for it but if you are uncomfortable with the thought of that then it would be best to think hard about whether or not you actually want to upload a video.

It is very important that you really think about whether or not you want to put your video out there for the world to see, because once you upload it then your mind could end up being made up for you. With YouTube, you can remove the videos you upload from the site if you happen to change your mind as to whether or not you want the world to see it. This is a great feature that YouTube offers, but even though YouTube pulls the video immediately after you choose to remove it, the damage may already be done. Your video may be removed from the site but Internet users typically have the ability to save or even copy videos they find on YouTube or any other site for that matter, meaning that your video may still be existent on the Internet because a person may have potentially copied your video before you removed it. You could possibly run across your video posted on another website.

Another disadvantage that may pose an obstacle, having complete strangers view your video(s) and the fact that they can pretty much get to know you. The type of video you upload to YouTube will determine how much information a stranger can potentially get from your video. A comedy skit or music video will possibly yield no essential information, but a video blog will tell strangers a lot of information about you because that is what a blog is typically used for, to tell about yourself or your opinions on a particular subject. This is another vital reason why you should really determine whether or not you want to upload a video to YouTube, not only will complete strangers see you, but your safety could potentially be at risk of important information falls into the wrong hands. If you are going to upload any video, make sure it contains it contains little to no personal information to ensure that no stranger can get your information.

Yet another thing to consider when thinking about making videos for YouTube, you cannot make a video without some kind of device to capture the video. The most popular devices used to capture video for YouTube are cameras, camcorders, webcams and cell phones. Getting the footage is only half the battle, you will also need some sort of video editing software present on your computer to edit the footage and doctor it up into a higher-quality video to get you higher ratings on YouTube. Unless you have a significantly older computer, there typically will be some kind of video editing software already installed but it all depends on the computer. If there is no editing software already installed, then you may have to go out and buy some.

While it seems YouTube has many disadvantages, there are also a lot of advantages and benefits to uploading your videos to the site. The entire site is pretty simple to use whether you are registering a new account, uploading a video or just navigating through the site. YouTube will explain how to register and upload videos as well as lay out guidelines that your video must follow. A lot of experience with computers is not necessary to use and enjoy YouTube; most anyone can enjoy the site with no trouble at all.

If you would like to become an active member of the YouTube community and have thought hard about the disadvantages that exist as well as the advantages then just go to Once you have arrived at the site, you will need to register but before you register you should navigate through the site and get a feel for how YouTube operates. Once you have finished the simple registration process, then you are ready to enjoy YouTube (which is also free).

If you would like to upload a video to YouTube, after carefully thinking about your decision to do so, you will need to register with YouTube to get a free account. This account will not only enable you to share your videos with the Internet community, but it will also allow you to rate videos that you watch or even have online discussions with other YouTube members.

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