A New Operative System

android operative system
A New Operative System

Android Operative Systems are really modern and make human beings live much easier and more productive in a lot of ways. These systems are mostly based on the GNU code of free source, which can be designed and can be personalized as the user wants. It is specially designed for Smartphones and tablets. This operating system came out of the combinations of software, telecommunications and hardware, if we go a little further into the Android’s design and say that the fact that you can access into the source code doesn’t mean that you can always have the latest version of Android in a certain phone, because the code to support hardware (drivers) is not usually public, so it would be missing a piece of the basic firmware to control the terminal. The new versions of Android need more resources that is why the older models are discarded for a lack of RAM memory, processor speed, and many other problems or lacks.

A lot of people ask themselves: Where does the name Android come from? It came from a question that was made in a book called: Does the Androids Dream with Electric Sheep? In which the Androids were called Nexus-6. That is why the Google devices are also called Nexus or Nexus One. The characteristics of this Operative System are simultaneously and really well, actually they are excellent, because it can be easily handled, the reliability and the quality of the software, hardware and communication that all the Android devices have. Nowadays, there are a lot of devices that use Android, we can see the cell phones, tablets and it is the process of developing a computer that will be designed by Google. The android’s storage is a database called SQLite, which is pretty light for a data base. This is the database that uses all the tablets and mobile devices that use Android. Also is important to highlight the connectivity of the Android devices have a lot of variations and will depend on the device type that you have, some that can be mentioned are: GSM/EDGE, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, HSDPA, HSPA+ and WiMAX.

The Android’s multitasking is a characteristic that represents the operating system because it was the first Operative system that inserted it in their devices, it has been developed to the point that today we have processors that computers use, such as Core i7, Core i5, among some others and had been released to the public. These processors make easier and faster the handling of these devices and it allows more tasks and processes. But, what is multi-tasking? These are apps that are not being used; they receive clock cycles, differently to other systems that the competition uses in which the multi-tasking is froze (For example the iOS, in which multi-tasking is limited to the internal services of the system and not to external apps) Android is the Operative System that has been finishing with the market’s competition and revolutionizing technology.

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