Android: Always New Varieties

Android: Always New Varieties

In the Android Operative System there are always new developments, unlike the operating systems of the competence. It is always innovating on new and crucial things that can put in alert the user when they are released because everybody wants it, an example of this could be the technology of the Android’s virtual keyboard. This was a technology that started specifically to monopolize the mobile market worldwide, and more and more updates that also includes text prediction up to 60 languages and learn from usage habits of users so that facilitates much more efficient performance. The update is free for users of previous versions (both for mobile and tablets. Google reported through its new blog in Spanish these “Voice Actions” which were launched last year in the United States and they are now available for Spanish speakers. If you are wondering what they are, it can be summarized just as the Google website does: “They are useful to get business information, dictate and send text messages, surfing in the Internet or call some of your contacts. Come on, they are quite practical and useful, doesn’t it?”

Now, What Are The Characteristics Of An Android OS?
The characteristics that make this Operative System awesome are the easy handling, since the majority of devices are touching and there are no complications that might get you lost. There is not an Operative System that can overcome the quality of the Android’s cell phone software or its hardware and the reliability of the Operative System is almost unique. There’s a lot of devices that use Android, like tablets, Smartphones and they are even developing computers to get this OS. The connectivity depends on the device more than the OS because they are made differently for different functions and works. Some of the connectivity devices have GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, Bluetooth, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, among others. Among many others we can also mention some additional hardware supports, camera supports, video, touchscreen, GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, proximity sensors and pressure, light sensors, gamepad, thermometer, 2D GPU acceleration and 3D.

Now, Why There Is Not Such A Variety Of Android?
Have you determined that 95% of the Android devices are fully tactile? How come there is not so many high-performance QWERTY? This is an interesting question which, can be answered like this. The android was specifically developed for high-tech cell phones (Smartphones) and nowadays the most popular style of these cell phones are the tactile phones, they are multi-tasking, multi-touch, they look better and it is more attractive to the view of the consumer. No manufacturer, and emphasizes what any manufacturer, has Android terminals with a QWERTY keyboard and dual-core processor or a powerful GPU, not one speaks SuperAMOLED Plus screen with high resolution, none of these terminals have a remarkable camera or recording HD. All this leads to an inescapable issue is the lack of variety, which can be applied to touch the terminals. Although it is customizable Android with animated backgrounds, the launchers, lock screens and other display options, its exterior appears particularly boring.

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