Android, The OS Of The Future

Android, The OS Of The Future

Since technology was developed it has made our lives easier, it works as a tool that a lot of people in the world use to be more productive at work and life, but it has been developed so much that nowadays is impressive what it can do and it’s everywhere, from cell phones to laptops and tablets, and companies are always releasing new things to make everyone want it. But one of the most important and popular platforms for smart devices nowadays is Google Android Operative System, it has reached the 50,9% of the market at the end of the year 2011, having more of the double of the second most popular operating system, apple’s iOS. Android is based on Linux and especially designed for Smartphones and tablets that at first were developed by Android, Inc. but in 2006 was bought by Google, turning into Google Android.

The name Android and Nexus makes allusion to the short novel by Phillip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Which is centered on a group of Androids named Nexus-6. The system announcement was made in 2007 with the creation of “Open Handset Alliance”, a consort of 78 companies of hardware, software and telecommunications dedicated to develop the open standards for mobile devices. Some of these companies were NVidia, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel, Intel, LG, Motorola, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, among many others. Android Beta was launched in 2007, but in 2008 Android 1.0 or commonly called Apple Pie was released in the HTC Dream, which was the first Android device in the market. Among the years it has been actualized and it has had several changes. Some of the platform characteristics are the design, connectivity, storage, browser, streaming support, Java support, multi-touch, video-call, multi-tasking, Tethering, and more.

The versions that had been released are:

• Version 1.0: “Apple Pie”
• Version 1.1: “Banana Bread”
• Version 1.5: “Cupcake”
• Version 1.6: “Donut”
• Version 2.0/2.1: “Éclair”
• Version 2.2.x: “Froyo”
• Version 2.3.x: “Gingerbread”
• Version 3.x: “Honeycomb”
• Version 4.0.x: “Ice Cream Sandwich”
• Version 4.1/4.2:” Jelly Bean”

The Google Android Operative System is used in Smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, Google TV, wrist watches, headsets and many other devices, being the most excessive OS in the market, having devices from less than $100 to devices of more than $600 having of course their technical differences. Also, Google allows developers to open access to the source code of the operating system, obviously with some restrictions so they can correct the errors that it may have. The OS has around 12 million code lines including almost 3 million of C language, 1,75 million of C++, 3 million of XML and 2.1 million of Java, among all the source codes that it has. The Google Android Operative System has the biggest community of app developers to extend the functionality of their devices, to date it has overcome more than 700.000 apps, which 2 thirds are free in the official store of Android: “Google Play”, which is in all the devices named as “Play Store”. It also has non official stores like Amazon Store or Samsung Apps.

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