Eight Lesser-Known Features of Nvidia Shield Tablet

Eight Lesser-Known Features of Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia has released the Shield Tablet to satisfy our needs for high performance gaming. But the tablet is actually able to do so much more. There are many fun features we could use with the Shield Tablet. The advanced processor/graphics combo, high portability, booming speakers and other favourable things can make the Shield Tablet one of the most impressive entertainment devices around.
1. Dedicated music player: It may seem like an obvious feature of Nvidia Shield Tablet, but actually not many people use the tablet for a dedicated music player. With a set of dual bass reflex ports and powerful front-facing speakers, the Shield Tablet could become a handy portable stereo. Thanks to its compact from factor, we shouldn’t worry about space, since we could load it up with plenty of songs. The Shield Tablet is expandable using microSD memory card and we are also able to stream music from YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and Pandora. We could connect the tablet wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker or with direct cables to a stereo system to add much more power to our tunes. This could prepare us for any situation including a house party and an intimate gathering.
2. Nvidia Dabble: The Shield Tablet is more than just for gaming, it could also help us get in touch with our artistic side. The tablet is equipped with powerful Tegra K1 processor, precision stylus and 8-inch Full HD display. Both professional and aspiring artists may easily sketch their beautiful masterpieces using the Nvidia Dabble app. It is included for free with the tablet. The Dabble could properly imitate the way paint and ink absorb onto paper, delivering impressive effects. We could share our masterpiece online once we are done.
3. Various photography features: We could easily see that the Shield Tablet is equipped with a couple of 5Mp cameras, one in the rear and another at the front. However, not many know that the Shield Tablet has various photography features such as panoramic photography, HDR and automatic face detection. We could take some decent images when we take the gaming tablet anywhere. The high precision stylus could allow us to add touch-ups quickly before we share the images with our friends.

4. Portable video player: The Shield Tablet could be hooked into any screen or HDMI TV sets using special cables. We could also stream videos from Google Play, Amazon Instant Videos and Netflix. There are other possible sources of entertainments, such as the HBO Go app. In general, gamers would never miss a show with their tablets. It should also be noted that the Shield Tablet fully supports 4K videos so we won’t be behind the curves in terms of multimedia playback.
5. Social networking features: The Shield Tablet could keep gamers updated with information from fellow gamers in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
6. Life organization tools: The Shield Tablet has us covered in terms of life organization tools. We could use notes, stylus and digital notepad to perform various personal management tools. The calendar could be used to schedule appointments and it is possible to create multiple to-do lists. There are many third-party apps to expand this capability and they are all at our fingertips.
7. Game streaming feature: Gaming options are not only limited to typical Android titles. Gamers who also have rigs powered with Gamestream feature can liberate themselves from the desk. It is possible if users could pair the tablet with a desktop that has GeForce GTX 650 graphics or newer. On notebooks, the Gamestream feature is available on models with GTX 600M graphics cards. We could stream PC games over the local WiFi network to play them on the tablet wherever we are, as long as we are still under the coverage. It is possible to take this one stop further by hooking up our Shield Tablet to a HDTV and use it a console. With this kind of arrangement, it is possible to play games with Full HD resolution at 60fps. The tablet should support Nvidia Controllers up to four of them for multiplayer sessions. For PC games that require keyboard and mouse, such as Far Cry and Call of Duty series, we could connect the tablet with Bluetooth mice and keyboards. With the Remote Gamestream feature, we could play games through 4G LTE or WiFi hotspots, even if our desktop is located many miles away. No matter where we are, it is possible for us to take our PC games anywhere.
8. Cloud streaming: Not everyone has powerful gaming laptops with new Nvidia graphics card onboard. Nvidia Grid is a new gaming service that allows us to stream games from their powerful server farms. They should operate much like Netflix for movie streaming. The number of games in these servers is still limited, but dozens more should be added before we could complete them all. Available games include Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Batman: Arkham City, Borderlands 2 and Ultra Street Fighter IV. Those who are still planning to buy a Shield Tablet should do it quickly, because free access to the Nvidia Grid is only until June 30, 2015.
It is clear that that there are many lesser-known features that could make the Shield Tablet a highly versatile Android device. It should be able to support various entertainment and high-end gaming options.

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