YouTube: Why High School Students Should Caution Themselves on YouTube

YouTube: Why High School Students Should Caution Themselves on YouTube

YouTube has become a sensational website for many high school students who not only love watching all of the free videos offered by the site, but also love creating and uploading their own personal videos to YouTube. A lot of people think YouTube only allows videos to be uploaded by people who are 18 or older, but you only have to be 13 years of age to upload and share videos. Participating on YouTube can be a fun way to occupy time, but caution should be displayed when posting videos onto YouTube.

Obvious Safety reasons need to be taken into consideration when posting videos onto YouTube. If you post a lot of personal information in your videos, then you may be putting it out there for potential online predators to see which is not good for any individual, especially students and minors. Another thing that does not cross the minds of most students is that some schools monitor their student’s activities, which means your YouTube videos could be viewed by school officials, not to mention they could also be viewed by your friends or other students. Because of this, you should be extremely careful that you do not post a video that could potentially get you in trouble with the school or your friends.

Most high school students are aware that they definitely should not post videos on YouTube that displays a crime being committed or any other illegal activities. The most obvious things not to post would be videos of you or your friends using illegal drugs, drinking underage or any other crime regardless of how small it may seem, a crime is still a crime no matter what scale it is. You never know whose eyes are watching your videos so you want to express extreme caution as to the content of what you post on YouTube. With today’s society, gossip and rumors run wild so if one of your classmates witnesses you in a YouTube video then most likely he or she will share this video with others.

Offensive material should never be featured in a YouTube video. Many high school students will go through a rough day filled with frustrations and express those feelings on YouTube through what is commonly referred to as a video blog. A lot of high school students like to use video blogs to express their feelings towards school, classmates or even their friends, while this may seem like a good way to vent those feelings, but if you are being offensive towards other students at your school then it could end up causing you trouble. You can pretty much say anything but you are going to want to avoid being threatening towards anybody in your videos because the person that you are threatening may watch the video which could get you in trouble in the long run. Other people who watch the video may take whatever you say out of context, even if it was a joke so it is important to be careful with what you say in your videos.

As stated above, anyone can watch your videos including your friends, classmates and school officials. You may think your friends or classmates will be fine with a video you put up, but if one of them were to find that video hurtful or offensive in any way, then they may report the video and you to the school which may result in the school taking action against you. It is important that your etiquette on the Internet will not affect you if a school official were to see it. A lot of schools have started using YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to keep tabs on their students and make sure they are not involved with any illegal or troubling activities.

You will find many videos posted on YouTube that display people performing illegal activities or directly threatening someone. If you post a video or are in a video doing anything illegal and an official at your school comes across that video then you could face some consequences. Many school districts will not hesitate to suspend students if they see a student in a video performing illegal activities, whether it was done on campus or not. Suspension will restrict you from any sports or extra-curricular activities that you are currently involved in, not to mention it will look horrible on your college transcript. In some cases, when a video is viewed a student directly threatens another student, the school will contact the authorities and let them take action.

High school students are strongly recommended to think about what they are posting on YouTube. If caution is not used when determining what to put in your videos then you could end up in trouble with your school, parents or even the police. YouTube can be a wonderful entertainment resource if it is used properly.

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