Android Have To Be Always Better

Android Have To Be Always Better

The title may sound a little strange, but it is a fact that for some time we have been suffering the androids. We know that we all love to have a phone with the latest technology because we all want to be updated and we all want to have an easier life. It is true that sometimes we are blinded with features that are not optimized and, with a little less, do the same job or, in some cases even more. I do not want this article to be social and technological scare mongering, but from what I have seen lately, it would not hurt to stop for a minute and think a bit about what we are selling and, perhaps more importantly, what we are buying. Why do we want a camera if ours 8Mpx 5Mpx already does everything we need? Why do we have to record in HD1080p if we can record video in HD720p and enjoy it the same way? Why do we need quad core with 2GB of RAM if two cores and 1GB are more than expected?

Sometimes you will want to add too much to these devices. Things that are not even necessary, because if we have enough, so that more applications and we do not even use them. Right now, it’s like having a computer in our hands, this is the advantage of these devices, wherever we are connected, you can access to our website, our web server, our working papers, yet what is really wanted, because it has the latest operating system applications. It is true that manufacturers must improve the batteries that we already have rather than looking to revolutionize the market with more cores and more and more megapixels. And we, the users, we should only buy with our heads. Not everything that is bigger is better and neither is the most expensive. As my professor of electronics said: “Quality is fitness for use”, and that’s why I say that you need to buy quality.

While Google should optimize Android as much as possible (changing the code to the C language, for example), manufacturers must exit leading the trend so far. What manufacturers should do is start working on new ideas, something that changes the way of seeing technology, like holograms or holographs, developing all the new technologies to make human life even easier, so we can focus on things that really matter, like to keep developing all our knowledge. If we all work together, we can get a better future, with all the advances that we need. If we ask for better technologies, they will have to work on it. We need to improve technology, not add more of what we already know. It is better to have quality than quantity.

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