Digital Advertising: Your Keys to the Kingdom

Digital Advertising: Your Keys to the Kingdom

Digital advertising has become more than a “good idea.” It has become necessary in order for a business to survive in our present world. But what should your digital advertising campaign include? How should you get your message across and in what format should you develop your ideas?

Here are a few tips to consider when planning a digital advertising campaign:

1. Use video.This point cannot be stressed enough. People love video. Animated videos, characters in explainer videos, and outstanding soundtracks can lure your potential customers in the same way movie producers do in big films.

2.Use more than one video. Google owns YouTube. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize the potential of this. Videos which are cross-referenced from other videos on YouTube get more views, as well as more hits on Google. Create your own relevance of your digital advertising content by having at least 2-3 videos available at one time.

3. Tell a good story. One of the Hollywood Academy directors said once at the Academy Awards assembly in Hollywood, “Just tell a good story.” This can be applies to any entertainment medium, as well as to digital advertising techniques. If you pull people into a good story, they will respond by taking action on your message.

4. Create an engaging “call to action.” In digital marketing, we call this a CTA. It is simply asking the viewer to do something. Provide a strong call to action by telling the viewer what you want them to do, and make it easy for them.

5. Utilize integrated digital marketing techniques to help build customer relationships and reach out to your targeted audience. This takes some practice and you need to first learn to target who you want to talk to.

Try these tips on digital advertising to increase your coverage in the places where your customers are. Focus on social media, but don’t forget the other outlets that customers are sure to be found, then ask them to take action. You can have thousands of visitors to your site, but if none of them take action, you have still not increased your revenue. Focus on driving quality customers, capturing top-quality leads, and creating customers that will keep coming back for more.

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