The Top 4 DVD Ripping Tools

The Top 4 DVD Ripping Tools

If you’ve got a big DVD collection, chances are you could save a lot of hassle by digitizing it. Digitizing DVDs involves using special software called DVD ripping tools and storing the DVDs on your computer. Storing DVDs on your computer allows you to take and watch them anywhere providing a great amount of flexibility. For even more flexibility you can access DVDs from multiple devices. Digitizing DVDs allows them to take up less space making it very handy for tidying up.

AnyDVD currently only supports DVDs, but the developers have a separate version for Blu-rays. Although this is somewhat unhelpful, the software itself is very useful. It offers features such as disabling unwanted features like forced subtitling and no skip sections on DVDs. Other useful features include the control of the drive speed of your DVD drive so it won’t be too noisy when ripping discs. These innovative features make AnyDVD very useful, if not exactly straightforward.

If you’re looking for a super simple solution then MakeMKV should be your first choice. It offers a one click solution to converting video from a DVD to a digital file. It also supports Blu-ray and manages to preserve important information like chapter information. Speed is another advantage – MakeMKV boasts it can “convert as fast as your drive can read data”. As an added bonus it’s free to use – for now at least.

Handbrake manages to find a good balance between useful and easy to use. In fact, it’s likely the best piece of software on this list, offering very quick times to rip and conversion for many different formats. Other useful features include built-in device presets for devices like the iPad and android tablets. It’s also completely free and open source. As well as DVDs, Handbrake can process lots of other kinds of input sources.

Another option is DVD Fab HD, which support Blu-rays and DVDs and is frequently updated. Most of the features are free which make it very impressive. Although support for Windows and OS X is relatively recent, the software is still very good as it supports one-click ripping and newer disc formats. The files tend to be on the large side however.

With these software solutions your massive DVD collection can be a thing of the past. You can save on storage, make your video more accessible and more.

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