Top Five Ways to Get Extra Money

Top Five Ways to Get Extra Money

Many people are finding things difficult at the moment and so finding new ways to earn extra money can be really useful. You may think that you have tried every option to earn some extra money, but it is always worth thinking things through again. Below is a selection of ideas that you could consider that might help.
1. Earn more money in your current job. If you already have a job then it could be worth trying to get a pay rise, promotion or ask for extra hours. All of these should help you to earn more money. However, you may find that there is not the opportunity for them or that you do not want to work the extra hours. It is probably the easiest way to get more money though and so certainly worth a lot of consideration. If you have a partner or children that are working, it could be worth asking them to consider doing the same thing as well. Perhaps finding a part time job to run alongside your current one could also be a possibility, perhaps adding weekend or evening work to your current job. That may be too much for some people but it may depend on how desperate you are for the money.
2. Sell things that you own. You may not feel that you have much to sell or you may have a lot to sell but do not want to. It is worth thinking about all of the possessions that you have and how much you might get if you sell them. Everything from your home, car, clothing and other items could all fetch a lot of money. You need to decide whether it is worth selling them based on how much you use them and how desperate you are for the money. There are plenty of places you can sell things both online and offline. Try to investigate them first so that you can choose the place that will suit you. If you are desperate for money quickly then you will want to choose somewhere that sells things quickly or will just buy things directly from you. However, if you want to get a good price, you may have to be prepared to wait for things to sell. When choosing what to sell then think about how much you need the money and what the item is worth to you so that you can properly assess whether it is worth parting with.

3. Start your own business. If you already have a job and need money, then it would be foolish to give it up to start a business. However, if you are allowed to, you may be able to run a business alongside your current job or if you are not working you could start one. It can be tempting to invest a lot of money when starting a business but it is not necessary. Many can start with nothing at all. You could set up your own website/blog/social networking page and use that to promote your business for free. There are many websites online which have freelance work that you could consider taking on or there are other places where you can see opportunities to earn online. Just be wary of anything where you have to pay money to get started. Make sure that you choose something that you enjoy and you could turn a hobby that you have into a way to earn extra money.
4. Cut your spending. If you want the equivalent of a pay rise without having to do any extra work, then you could cut your spending. This will increase your disposable income and it does not have to be that difficult either. It is worth looking into changing your energy supplier, phone or television package and broadband supplier as these will not make much of a difference to your lifestyle but could cut your costs. Consider what you are spending your money on and whether it is all necessary. You might be able to cut back on what you are spending without noticing too much. You may be able to buy cheaper brands, buy less of certain things etc. It is worth writing down what you are spending your money on and working out how much everything costs. You may decide to take a flask of coffee and sandwich to work instead of buying it and saving money that way. You might decide to cut your clothes spending in half. You might walk instead driving to places. There are many potential ways to reduce spending that could free up money for other things and once you are aware of how much you are spending and what on, you will be able to decide whether you really think that they are worth the money.
5. Borrow the money. If you need money for something desperately then you may find that borrowing it is the only way. It is worth not rushing in to this decision though as borrowing money can be very expensive. Look at all of your borrowing options as well because some of them will be significantly more expensive than others. You need to think about whether you will be able to make the repayments as well and whether in the long run this will actually make things more difficult financially. It is actually much wiser to try your hardest to pay off your debts as in the long run this will benefit you as you will not have money being paid out on interest payments and repayments.
Each of these options have pros and cons and it is worth giving a lot of thought to which you might choose to do. You do not want to do anything you regret, but if you are desperate for more money then you will need to make sure that you do something. Each will bring about changes in your life and you will need to consider the long term as well as the short term consequences of this. Hopefully you can make some positive changes which will allow you to have more money and be happier without feeling like you have made big sacrifices.

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