5 Weird Ways to Lose Weight


5 Weird Ways to Lose Weight

You’ve probably heard about plenty of fad diets and wild weight-loss tricks.  However, there are some odd tactics that might actually be crazy enough to work.  Here are five weird ways to lose weight:

Finish your meals with a hint of mint.

Research shows that the smell and taste of peppermint can help reduce your appetite.  Your brain may associate the minty sensation with the end of a meal, which means you’ll be less likely to snack later on.  Once you’ve eaten a sensible portion of food, try savoring a breath mint or chewing a sugar-free stick of peppermint gum.  Better yet, brush your teeth to feel the cool, minty sensation without adding any calories.  You’ll be caring for your pearly whites and aiding your weight-loss efforts at the same time.

Tweet before you eat.

Many people like to post pictures of gorgeous dishes on Twitter and Instagram.  Your meals may impress your friends, but there’s another reason to share those pics.  Taking photos of your food is an easy way to keep track of what you’re eating.  Plus, your followers can help keep you accountable for what you’re putting into your body.  You’ll feel much better about posting pics of vibrant fruits and vegetables than you will about sharing shots of greasy fast food.

Sit toward the end of the table.

The next time you’re eating at a restaurant or enjoying dinner at someone’s home, use this simple trick to cut your calorie consumption.  If there’s a bread basket or appetizer that’s available, try to sit as far away from it as possible.  Since those starters tend to be placed at the center of the table, sitting toward the end can help you avoid temptation.  Whatever you do, don’t ask anyone to pass those extra calories your way.

Tie a ribbon around your waist before meals.

You’ve likely seen someone tie a ribbon on his or her finger as a reminder for something.  Similarly, tying a ribbon around your waist can serve as a good reminder about your weight-loss goals.  Simply wrap one just above your belly button and tie it in place.  Make sure it fits closely.  When you begin eating, your stomach will naturally expand and you’ll notice the ribbon getting tighter.  That slight tightness will serve as your cue to stop eating.  You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to skip dessert when a snug ribbon reminds you of your growing waistline.

Trade your fork or spoon for a set of chopsticks.

Most of us use chopsticks when we eat at Asian restaurants, but dieters should consider using them at home as well.  If you tend to shovel in heaping spoonfuls of food during your meals, chopsticks will help you take smaller bites and slow down your pace.  Since it will take you a bit longer to eat, your brain will likely register that you’re full after only a small amount of food.  Trading your usual utensils for chopsticks is a simple way to help you cut your calories and lose weight quickly.

Accomplishing your weight-loss goals doesn’t have to be difficult.  Sometimes you just have to be willing to try something a little different.  By using the odd tricks on this list, you can drop those extra pounds and feel better about your body.  With these slightly weird tips, it’s easy to lose weight and feel great!

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