6 Ways to Optimize Your Android Phone

6 Ways to Optimize Your Android Phone

Not everyone is tech savvy. A large chunk of the population uses their new smartphones right out of the box as long as the basic functions work. They only realize later on that manipulating certain phone settings and downloading applications can boost the quality of their mobile phone experience. There are a number of ways to optimize your Android phone. You can improve the performance of your gadget with these tips:

1. Do away with pre-installed apps
Phone manufacturers collaborate with other businesses and install default applications on your Android smartphone. These apps are sometimes useless to you and are left largely ignored. They only take up precious data space and can slow down your phone’s overall performance. Just because they are pre-installed does not mean they are essential to your phone’s functionality. You have a choice to keep or delete them.

To delete these apps you simply need to go to the phone’s system settings and look for the “Applications” or “Application Manager” option. Upon clicking, swipe further to the right until you reach the “All” list. You then have to scroll down and click on the application that you want to delete. Look for the “Disable” or “Uninstall” button, tap on it and wait for the app to be sent out to oblivion.

2. Personalize your home screen
You smartphone’s home screen is the first thing you see before everything else on your phone. It shows a bit of your personality and may contain images that remind you of good memories. It also showcases your applications in a manner that makes sense to you. Why not make it more useful by customizing it to your liking and needs? Organizing your home screen will make it easier for you to navigate your phone.

You can install an Android custom launcher that allows you to change the environment of your home screen. This will help you tweak your home screen and make it more productive, flexible and attractive. You can change the entire design, create shortcuts or simply adjust widget sizes. The possibilities of customizing your phone are only limited by your imagination. Apps like Nova Launcher and Terrain Home are just a few examples of tools that can help you do the job.

3. Boost your surfing on Chrome
Chrome is a browser developed by Google and is known for providing speed and simplicity. It also includes a feature that makes the size of the pages you visit smaller and more mobile friendly. This will allow you to save up on your mobile data usage and have faster loading speeds. All these can be done with only one switch. In your Chrome browser, tap “Menu” and select “Settings.” Hit the “Bandwidth Management” option and set it to “Reduce Data Usage.” For newer operating systems, the “Reduce Data Usage” tab is immediately listed on the initial Settings page.
4. Use lock screen widgets
Android smartphones authorizes the use of widgets not only on your home screen but also on your lock screen. This feature lets you glance at your schedule, the weather, notifications from your social media accounts and the battery level even when your phone is locked. You can take a quick peek at these details without the need of unlocking your phone. To use this feature, you just have to go to the “Security Settings” of your phone and check if “Lock Screen Widgets” are permitted.
5. Manage your notifications
A good number of popular applications offer a push notification functionality. A push notification, when enabled, allows an app to alert users when there are new messages, updates or activity related to the product. These notifications can sometimes get too annoying since most of them contain information that you don’t need. Fortunately, your device has its own mechanism to remedy your situation. You can go to the “Applications” or “Applications Manager” section on your phone settings, tap on the app of your choice and uncheck the “Show Notifications” box.

6. Install a tune-up app
Your phone will benefit from a tune-up app that will keep it performing at a maximum level. You can avoid difficult situations caused by low data storage or a discharged battery pack.

Power Tune-up is a popular tune-up app that optimizes your Android smartphone. It manages the phone’s battery consumption rate, provides a widget that helps you monitor battery time, analyzes your phone’s internal storage and determines how much cached data is stored. This app will save you from the hassle of running out of battery when you need it most. It will also provide you with extra storage space.

These are only a few of the many other tweaks to make your mobile phone experience better. Android devices are known to provide excellent customization options. You just need to explore and find new ways to make your phone more exciting.

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